"Louis the Giant Gastrosaur" another collab on BooksGetDrawn

Did a little study today. This was interesting because I have always liked dinosaurs but can't recall drawing any. Luckily a buddy of mine had an awesome collection of dinosaur toys including a very detailed T Rex. I went with a little sketchy vibe today on this one mixed with some digital underpainting. Here's the excerpt as usual followed by the pic:)

"She turned to see two towering mushrooms on the far side of the stream bend then snap at their bases as a dinosaur-chicken with a shell on its back, shouldered its way between them. The mushrooms splintered as they hit the ground, firing spongy chunks of fungus into the air. The dinosaur kept coming, blasting water from the stream with its feet as it crossed.
Sammy tripped and fell. She scrabbled backwards on all fours.
And the creature stopped. Sammy lay where she was, staring up, her chest heaving. A real-life dinosaur. That was the only thought in her head. One that looked nothing like the ones she’d seen in movies or killed in video games. It had no eyes, just a bulging forehead like a dolphin’s and two leaf-shaped ears the size of car bonnets on either side of its head. Its skin was covered in tan mottled scales, but on its cheeks and down the length of its flank it had white fur-like feathers that transitioned to red and blue around its thighs. The dinosaur stood horizontal, like a T-Rex, with small, feathered arms at the front and big, muscular legs that it used to carry a golden shell, the size of a terraced house, on its back. The shell was egg-shaped with a pointed apex and had another, smaller, golden egg two-thirds the size of the first joined halfway up its side.
And the creature wasn’t attacking her.
“Soubh be khear,” called a man’s voice.
Sammy followed the voice to the top of the second, smaller egg. Jutting out from the side like a ship’s prow was a long, pointed balcony, and leaning over the railing was a youngish man wearing a black turban. In one hand he clutched a brass telescope and the other he waved enthusiastically."


more reddit collab

Another collaboration of sorts with a user on Reddit. This time on the hot new sub r/BooksGetDrawn which really is my cup of tea! I love illustrating other peoples stories. So here's the excerpt he provided followed by the image I made tonight:

"Apprentice Zamara, what you see here is a circle of power. Etched into the stones I have derived a most perfect formula for assisting us today with your studies. Please, step into it and feel for its effects.”
Hesitantly, Zamara stepped forward onto the glowing patterns beneath her. She inhaled sharply, feeling new found energies radiate within her body. Turning and smiling at Ruik, then quickly back at the circle, she stepped completely inside, holding her arms outwards and tilting her head back.
“This is amazing, Grand--Ruik.” She laughed quietly to herself, opening her eyes and staring up towards the high ceiling. Then a look of pain overwhelmed her face.
Her body shuddered, grew warm, cold, then warm again. She could feel her skin begin to crawl. Then the crawling changed into burning; the burning, to searing. She struggled to make sense of what was happening, desperately looking at Ruik for help. What she found staring back was not the concerned face of her teacher, but a man she did not recognize at first. There was no black hood with elegant purple trim, but instead a pair of hollow dark eyes that seemed to contain an entire world within them.
Her eyes widened with fear, with pain, but Zamara could not call out for help. She could not struggle to break free from this foreign magic. She could not understand, even for a second, what was happening. But he knew.
Ruik uttered words under his breath at inhuman speed that were not of this world’s language. His abyssal eyes, or their lack of, shimmered and surged with dancing purple lights. The room was glowing, papers danced around in the unfamiliar wind that circled his study. Globes turned violently on their axis; quills still caked with black ink flew from their resting places.
The circle of power disappeared in an instant, and a mangled, bloodied body lie there, only vaguely resembling who she once was. Ruik shut his eyes and felt waves of tremendous knowledge seep into his veins. His muscles bounced under his skin and his jaw shuttered with greed. The Grand Magus fell to his knees, staring at his still shaking hands...
And he began to laugh."


Potato Cowboy

Collaboration between myself and another artist online. He did the linework and I did the painting and beautiful frame.


Doing some stuff on /r/RedditGetsDrawn for fun. People post up photos of themselves or friends, pets, etc. and the community takes a crack at drawing them.


some digi-inks

Here's a couple w.i.p. pieces lately. The first is an illustration I'm playing with right now. Messing with a Wallace Wood style but making sure I don't do it justice:) The second is the poster for an art show I'm putting together. The poster is "Plan 9 from Outer Space" meets "Adventure Time.


'Splode Trip (6" X 5")

Finished this one last night. Wanted to try and push my technique a little further this time. Working out the kinks before I move on to larger pieces. This one was fun because my only real goal was to draw a car. After tinkering with a Rat Fink style piece I ended up erasing it and going this direction.
I love the look of old 50's pickup trucks so this took some design cues from a few different ones. After that I tinkered with the driver. I got him down pretty quick but the background was a little more tinkering. I tried a few different ideas, giant monster, nuclear explosion, etc. The flying car wreck kind of worked itself in at some point as well as the passenger.

Process is as follows:
Watercolor base
Line work with brush
Ink Wash
Second color layer
Line work with rapidograph pen
Gouache highlights
Final Color
Final ink with pen



Little birthday present for a friend of mine's birthday. The usual materials, kept this guy a lot more loose and just had fun with it. Actually used a little wine in it too!


A request from my niece.

This is my take on Applejack, as an Equestria girl. Having a daughter of my own I already know more than a man my age should about the My Little Pony universe. Anyhoo I promised her around Christmas I would draw her favorite character and Applejack was the request, that and half a dozen other cartoon characters but we settled on the 'Jack. I took a couple cracks at this one since cute isn't always my style. Tonight though I felt it, knew I had it in me to make the piece. Hitting 3am now I'm pround I can finally move on and hopefully when she sees it tomorrow it will make her happy:)


Big Ol' Update

Big update, sketches from end of last year to recent work. Couple class assignments. Enjoy!



RIP - Uncle John

He died yesterday after a battle with very aggressive cancer. Uncle John was one of the biggest characters I've known. After finding out last night I wanted to draw him the way I remember him. A little bit of Rodney Dangerfield mixed with Bill Murray and the sensibility of Hunter Thompson. Basically, a Maginnis. He'll be missed.


Some lunch sketches

Had a need to ink this week. Sketched these up yesterday colored them today.


pixel portraits, pixel portraits

The guy and his girlfriend liked the last pixel portrait I did he decided to surprise her with one of her own. Hot off the presses, and here's the two together to show what a happy young couple that doesn't look at the camera looks like...pixelated. If you're interested in hiring me for some of your own, feel free to contact me.


Pixel Portrait

Received a commission from a fellow Redditor this weekend to do his portrait in my pixel art style. It was a fun challenge. He also was an ideal client, quick to pay and let me do my thing:) Here is the final piece along with the photo he sent me as reference. If you are interested in something like this feel free to email me and we can talk.


new pixel art

Did this guy today as an avatar for my other personality. Also added a Pixel Art album to the site. Clicky clicky!


Something I've been working on..

Here's one I've been tinkering with for fun. Team at work doing a superhero/villain redesign with a literal twist. So mine is Doc Oc (Doctor Octapus) he will have a stethoscope too.


Sketchies, digital and analog

couple new additions to my sketchbook. Nothin fancy just playing with some ideas. Working on a couple bigger pieces too, will update those soon.



Updated and added some galleries to the site. Check out the links to the right and enjoy the ride!